Personal Meeting Strategies



Foluke K. Abdulrazaq

Mrs. Foluke Abdulrazaq is Vice Chairman of the Board of Transcorp Plc. She also served as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of United Bank for Africa Plc and was Chairman of the Board Credit Committee. She is the founder of Bridge House College, one of Nigeria’s foremost sixth form college.

How to Excel at Meetings by Foluke K. Abdulrazaq

How to Excel at Work

From my experience of sitting on the Boards of both private and blue chip companies, it is fundamental to state that the prospects of excelling at any Board Meeting invariably depends on the competence and professionalism of the Company Secretary who is primarily responsible for the preparation and administrative management of Board Meetings. 

Firstly, to excel at Board Meetings as a Director, one must be well prepared. I carefully peruse the Board Meeting pack which contains the Agenda, Minutes of Meetings and Board Memos. The preparation of notes, highlighting areas of interest and articulating my observations before meetings are absolutely key to active participation. I endeavor to arrive early and be well settled in before the commencement of meetings.

Secondly, during meetings, it is pertinent to pay full attention to all presentations in order not only to grasp the points of view of other directors but also to avoid repetition when making contributions. Directors contributions at meetings should be brief and straight to the point. My comments are usually focused but not limited to my areas of competence and experience. It is helpful to oer constructive criticism, but ensure that you proer solutions as well.

On occasions when I preside over meetings as Chairperson, I first allow for the comments and observations of my co-Directors before advancing mine. This enriches my comments, enables Board resolutions through consensus and allows members to take ownership of the company. I will not allow meetings to drag on endlessly thereby becoming boring to the extent that members become disinterested and distracted.

Finally, I never go to a meeting and leave without uttering a word as it is a sign of unpreparedness and lack of interest. A Board appointment is not only an honour but also carries duties and responsibilities which must be discharged eectively.